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Advantages and characteristics

We produce wood pellet by grinding, drying, further grinding and pressing the raw material (sawdust, shavings and wood chips).

Because it is made of 100% wood, our pellet is denser and heavier, resulting in slower and more balanced burning, making it a very efficient fuel.

One of the most important advantages of the pellet is that the ash from its burning is about 1% and energy value is above 18MJ per kilogram. The pellet is used for stoves and boilers, both in homes and apartments, as well as by large consumers.

Production Process

The basic raw material used in the production process is only natural material – wood, in certain technological stages some water is added, that is, it eliminates excess moisture in the shredded raw material – in the dryer. Water vapour generated from the extraction of moisture from wet sawdust is released during the production process.

The production takes place under controlled conditions in accordance with the European EN PLUS A2 standard: 6mm diameter, length up to 20mm, moisture 6.9%, ash residue 1.1% and lower limit for energy 17.24MJ.

On the technological line for shredding the raw material, on the log shredder machine  –  chipmaker, fine chips are produced. These fine chips are transported to the warehouse, where they are further shredded to dimensions < 6mm.

Proces proizvodnje

Osnovna sirovina koja se koristi u procesu proizvodnje je samo prirodni materijal – drvo, u pojedinim tehnološkim fazama se dodaje izvesna količina vode, odnosno izuzima višak vlage u usitnjenoj sirovini – u sušari. Iz procesa proizvodnje se u atmosferu podiže vodena para nastala izdvajanjem vlage iz vlažne piljevine.

Proizvodnja se odvija u kontrolisanim uslovima u skladu sa evropskim EN PLUS A2 standardom: prečnik od 6 mm, dužina do 20 mm, vlaga 6,9 %, ostatak pepela 1,1% i donja granica energetske vrednosti 17,24 MJ.

Na tehnološkoj liniji za usitnjavanje sirovine se na mašini za usitnjavanje trupaca – čiperu dobija fina sečka. Usitnjena sečka se transportuje do skladišta, gde se usitnjava na dimenzije < 6mm.

Drying and Pressing

Drying of wet chipboard is done on a state-of-the-art low-temperature strip dryer.

The advantage of drying in this type of dryers is that the drying is carried out at relatively low temperatures (85 – 90°C), therefore there is no burning of the finest particles in the wood chipboard. Due to the low temperature drying, the particle colour does not change, so the pellet is light in colour. Dry sawdust is transported from the dryer to a silo of dried sawdust which serves to match the capacity of the drying and pelleting lines. The beginning of the technological pelleting line is the preparation of dry chipboard for pelleting.

The material enters the press in which the pellet is cut to the desired length of approximately 6mm. After exiting the press, the hot pellet is cooled. A good pellet is then packed, and everything else – dust and broken pellet is returned to the beginning of the pellet line.

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Production Process

Production takes place under controlled conditions, in accordance with the European EN PLUS A2 standard