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The production of wood energy pellets is a complex technological process that is carried out in several stages. The final product is a Euro wood pellet manufactured to European Union standards

We produce beech pellet, an efficient, high-calorie biomass fuel, in two qualities:

  1. Quality Standard EN Plus A1, certified in the EU – has less than or equal to 0.7% ash.
  2. Quality Standard EN Plus A2, certified in the EU – has less than or equal to 1.2% ash.

The difference between the quality A1 and A2 is the ash percentage that remains after burning the pellet. The quality of both pellet A1 and A2 is evidenced by the latest domestic certificate of Jugoinspekt.

The production capacity of Bio Energy Point doo is 85,000 tonnes per year. Of the total production, 30% are exported and 70% are sold on domestic market.

The company’s international experience and presence in the markets of Slovenia, Greece, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy, France and Macedonia further distinguishes Bio Energy Point doo from the competition and confirms the quality of pellet.



The most important efficiency of the pellet is its utilisation of thermal energy which is 92% (wood and coal 55%). The burning produces a small ash residue of 1%, which confirms its economy. In the burning process itself, the impact of CO₂ is minimal as is the emission of other harmful gases.  All other mechanical and chemical characteristics are the same as the caloric.

The new, expanded and modernised production capacity of Bio Energy Point doo have improved the way of drying pelleting materials. The result is the highest quality pellet with very low ash content after burning and excellent energy performance in compliance with EU strictest environmental standards.

The pellet is practical for storage, clean, leaves no dirt at home, comfortable and easy to handle. There are many advantages of biomass over fossil fuels: cost, efficiency, economic and environmental impact.

The pellet is packaged in two types of packaging: commercial – 15kg bags and industrial in big bags of 1030kg.



Sve ostale mehanicko-hemijske karakteristike su iste kao i kalorična. Pakovanje u vrecama od 15 kg na EU paleti kao i u big beg vrecama od 1030 kg.

Najvažnija efikasnost peleta je sto je njegova iskoriscenost toplotne energije 92 % ( drvo,ugalj 55 % ). Njegova ekonomičnost je sto sagorevanjem stvara mali ostatak pepela od 1% . U samom procesu sagorevanja uticaj CO2 je minimalan kao i emisija drugih štetnih gasova.

Praktičan je za skladištenje ,čist ne prlja kuču , komforan i funkcionalan za rukovanje. Cena,efikikasnost,ekonomičnost i funkcionalnost daju ovom gorivu od biomase prednost u odnosu na karakteristike fosilnih goriva.

Product characteristics of EN A1

Diameter: 6mm

Moisture: <10%

Length: 3.15

Ash: <0,7%

ISO 17225-2

Quality Standard, Class A1

Product characteristics of EN A2

Diameter: 6mm

Moisture: <10%

Length: 3.15

Ash: <1.2%

ISO 17225-2

Quality Standard, Class A2

Where to buy in Serbia?

You can buy pellet directly from us, in our factory in Boljevac, or in any of our retail outlets across Serbia

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