How to Recognise High-Quality Pellet

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Today’s market is flooded with pellet from various producers, both domestic and foreign, and special attention must be taken when purchasing this energy product. The pellet from different producers may look similar and therefore it is more difficult to evaluate which pellet is of good quality, that is why it is necessary to know the characteristics of a good quality pellet and how to recognise it.

Characteristics of a good quality pellet:

– Obtained from the core of a tree; The bark of the tree has a higher degree of moisture and dust as well as a lower calorific value than the core.

– Ideal is a pellet made of 100% beech wood and that is a quality of Bio Energy Point doo pellet.

– Pellet humidity must be below 10% (crucial for boiler service life) and ash residues max 0.7%.

– The pellet must not contain chemical additives, only pure wood.

– The pellet width should be about 6mm, length about 30mm, density 1.12 kg/dm3, energy output minimum 18 MJ/kg.


How to recognize a good quality pellet:

– The pellet must be shiny and smooth (without cracking).

–  It must smell of wood, not of chemicals.

– Visual test: The pellet placed in the water container must sink and swell, but the water must not change the color.

– The amount of dust in the bag and on the pellet itself must be minimal.

– The pellet must brake not crack when pressed in the hand.

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