5 Energy Efficiency Tips

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Energy efficiency means a series of measures taken to reduce energy consumption without affecting quality of work and life. The term energy efficiency can have two meanings, first referring to the degree of utility of certain devices and second to concrete measures and actions. This topic becomes significant not only for financial savings of individuals but also for the environment protection.

Below we have prepared for you 5 energy efficiency tips:

LED bulbs – By replacing incandescent light bulbs with LED bulbs, which are superior in regard to duration and energy consumption, the average household could save € 100-120 per year.

Insulation – According to research that consisted of analysing multiple groups of identical houses in terms of dimensions, all located in the same climate and using the same heating method, it has been proven that with adequate insulation, heating costs can be reduced by up to 40%.

Air Conditioners – It is recommended to replace C Class devices that dominate our market with A Class devices that are 30% more expensive but use up to 35% less energy. For maximum savings effects, it is recommended that the difference between indoor and outdoor temperatures do not exceed 10 degrees, and to use an intermittent cooling strategy instead of continuous operation of the device.

Heating – pellet is considered the fuel of the future thanks to renewability of the biomass it is made from, its purity and simplicity of use. The pellet is constantly improved and experts believe that its price will decrease in the upcoming years due to the growing number of producers. It is recommended to buy it at the end of the heating season because in the winter there may be a price increase due to a sharp increase in demand.

Savings related to household appliances and interior– Painting the walls in white to maximise reflection and reduce the need for additional lighting, especially during the day; low ceilings and a high carpet coverage  allow longer heat retention  in the room; descaling of the boiler heaters every18 months; cleaning of refrigerators and freezers from ice; washing the dishes in the dishwasher consumes less  hot water, and  a drying option is not recommended; with washing machines, it is recommended to use short  programs to wash and avoid overloading the drum.

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